Our Story

Straight from France was created in 2009 and started off as an importer of French delicacies in the United States. The brands and products we imported back then were mostly in response to the needs of local restaurants and specialty stores in our community.

Following the success and the growing demand for our products, our vision evolved and in 2015, we decided to open a branch in France in order to work directly with small food producers in the country.

In partnership with them, we started to develop a line of artisan, all natural and eco-friendly products under our own private label. The brand Straight from France was born.

Today, Straight from France is still a family owned and operated company.

We are obsessed with finding new flavors and recipes to enlarge and enrich our range of products. We keep sampling new foods and meet new producers to find atypical savors with a focus on quality and sustainability.

Although our range is mostly composed of niche gourmet food specialties from France, we are proud to offer also everyday staples that can be enjoyed outside of special occasions, by adults and children alike.

Enjoying good food is a pleasure that we believe has to be shared. We love sharing our French culinary traditions because it means sharing our culture so come and join us at the table!