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Straight from France All natural Duck Fat

12 oz

This duck fat by Straight from France is made from cage free ducks raised in southwest France to produce foie gras.

Duck cooking fat has a rich, deep flavor that complements virtually any dish. From French fries, to sautéed potatoes or mushrooms, to roasted veggies, its applications are endless.

Duck fat can also be used for pan searing steaks, poultry and chops and to make duck confit and cassoulets.

Because it does not evaporate or gets absorbed into food in the same way that oils do, lower quantities of Duck fat are needed for cooking.
Duck fat performs well at high temperatures without burning or darkening, which gives it superior sautéing and frying results.

Rich in monounsaturated fat, that are good for the heart, duck fat is a healthy alternative to butter or even olive oil, as much less is needed for cooking. It is also viewed by many Chefs as a better option than frying foods in pork fat, beef fat or beef tallow.

Duck fat also contains linoleic acid, a fatty acid used by the body to maintain the health of cells and absorb calcium more effectively.
This premium quality duck fat is made and imported straight from France.