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Straight from France Burgundy Escargots

2 Dozen

These very large escargots from Straight from France are genuine Helix Pomatia snails (ie the Wild Burgundy snails or caracol Burdeos salvaje in Spanish). Weighting between 20 and 40 grams, the Helix Pomatia escargot is bigger than the Helix Aspersa Muller (also known as the “escargot Petit-Gris” in French) and about the same size as the Helix Lucorum snail.

These escargots are land snails, not sea snails, which are bigger and have a different texture, taste and nutritional content.

Precooked, these canned snails are easy to prepare. Just drain the can, rinse the escargots and put them in the oven. Season them with garlic butter and parsley and put them in snail shells or in vol-au vent pastries for presentation. You can also chop the snails and mix them in your favorite sauce.

This can of delicious escargots contains snail meat only (no snail shells).
These premium escargots are imported straight from France.