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Straight from France Chestnut Spread

35.2 oz

This delicious gourmet chestnut spread is made in the Ardeche region, arguably France’s capital of chestnut production.

Wonderful blend of chestnut pulp, sugar and vanilla extract, this sweetened chestnut spread can be used like a jam, applied directly onto bread. Because it is smooth and thick, it can also be mixed with yogurt, pudding, cottage cheese or ice cream. Alternatively, it can be enjoyed as a topping on pies, crepes, pancakes, cakes and pastries. Of course, you may also find yourself eating it straight from the can!
Some use it in place of chestnut puree to make a Mont Blanc (French dessert made of pureed chestnuts and whipped cream, often on a meringue base).

Low in fat and low in cholesterol, this gourmet chestnut spread by Straight from France is all natural. Once widespread in France, chestnut trees are now becoming scarce as land has been given over to more profitable crops like grapes. Today the number of regions producing chestnuts has dwindled – Ardeche, Corsica, and Limousin are now the principal producers of chestnuts.