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Straight from France Espelette Pepper powder

1.06 OZ

Espelette pepper powder (piment d’Espelette in French) is a fruity and delicate pepper with a medium-low rating on the Scoville scale. All natural, this red pepper is gluten free, vegan and non GMO.

Dried then crushed into a fine powder, Espelette pepper powder has a mild (much milder than Cayenne pepper or ghost pepper for example but a little hotter than Poblano or ancho pepper) yet aromatic flavor and a bright red color.

Espelette pepper was introduced in France from the New World around the 16th century. After first being used medicinally, it has since become popular for preparing condiments and for the conservation of meat and ham.

Now only grown in Southwest France, it is a staple in Basque cooking, where it has gradually replaced black pepper and is used in a variety of preparations for its taste but also for its color.

This ground pepper can be used in dished such as beef and veal ragout, pork filets, three-bean chili, omlets, stews, soups, gratins and many more. Some even use it in chocolate truffle recipes! It can also be used to make spice blends like Ras el hanout.

AOP Espelette peppers are exclusively cultivated in southwestern France, in the following towns: Ainhoa, Cambo-les-Bains, Espelette, Halsou, Itxassou, Jatxou, Larressore, Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, Souraïde, and Ustaritz.

Espelette pepper is traditionally harvested each year during late summer. An annual pepper festival, attracting over 20,000 tourists, is held in October to celebrate the new harvest.
This Espelette peper powder is produced for and imported by Straight from France.