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Straight from France Fleur de Sel Sea salt

4 oz

Traditionally harvested in the Guerande, Camargue and Re Island regions of France, Fleur de sel is the purest form of salt there is, in the way that it comes directly from the evaporation of the sea, not from inland salt deposits like table salt and kosher salt.

Hand harvested on the salt marshes of Ile de Re (Re island), in Charente-Maritime (western France), this premium quality fleur de sel (known as flower of salt in English or flor de sal in Spanish) is unprocessed, unrefined, unadulterated and gluten free.

With its high moisture content and its crystal shape (more compact than flaky salts yet not as granular as fine or even coarse salt), Fleur de sel is a unique finishing sea salt.

Highly concentrated in minerals and lower in sodium than regular salt, this fleur de sel by Straight from France will linger in your mouth. Sprinkle this fleur de sel on fresh tomatoes, salads, fish, meat or roasted vegetables to give them a little extra taste. It is also a great seasoning salt on French delicacies like Foie gras or on fruits, caramels, chocolates and desserts.

This premium quality fleur de sel is made and imported straight from France.