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Straight from France Instant Chicory Powder

7 oz

This premium quality instant chicory powder from France is obtained by dehydrating (spray drying) chicory roots that have been washed, sliced, roasted, milled and extracted with hot water. It is a great gluten and caffeine free coffee substitute.
Made of 100% pure ground chicory, it is ready to drink. Just add hot water, coffee, milk or chocolate and the powder will instantly dissolve to produce a delicious beverage.

Because it doesn’t contain caffeine, this chicory is suitable for the whole family and can be consumed at any time of day!

Similar in taste to coffee, this chicory has a unique nutty and slightly caramelized flavor that will delight kids and adults alike.

Rich in fibers, chicory is also a great source of inulin, a type of prebiotic fiber that may support weight loss and improve gut health.

This chicory powder is imported straight from France.