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Straight from France Mini Fruit Jellies

7 Oz

Fruit Jellies (also called fruit paste or pate de fruits in French) are a confectionery obtained by cooking fruits with sugar and pectin. Cast in a mold or cut into a slice, a square or a rectangle, pates de fruits are originally a method of preserving the flesh of fruits. Today, fruit jelly is a typical French candy and comes in different flavors.

These authentic fruit jellies by Straight from France are light and tasty. Comparable in texture to gummy bears or jelly beans, these fruit candies are soft and a little chewy and will melt in your mouth. They are prepared with fruits grown by small producers in the Auvergne region in France.
These fruit jellies make a great snack for children and adults alike.
Presented in a beautiful Auvergne themed tin, these fruit jellies make a great candy gift for friends, family, and co-workers for occasions such as a birthday, the Holidays, Mother’s day, an office party and many more.

Each tin contains an assortment of 5 flavors including apple, blackberry, currant, lemon and grapefruit for a total of approximately 110 pieces (7 ounces).