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Straight from France Verbena Leaves

7 oz

These dried lemon verbena leaves by Straight from France are of the variety Lippia citriodora, a tropical perennial shrub belonging to the Verbenaceae family. Similar to Luiza in Morocco and Hierba Luisa in Spain, it is not to be confused with Aloysia Citradora verbena, or beebrush, which is grown in the USA. Brought to Europe from South America by the Spanish and the Portuguese in the 17th century, Lippia citriodora verbena was initially cultivated for its oil.

Caffeine free, this verbena or “verveine” in French is ideal in infusions, teas and alcohols and has great calming properties for the nervous system. It is also known to help digestion and be an endocrine / thyroid tonic. Its mild yet pronounced taste makes a soothing and uplifting herb tea or tisane that is the perfect before-bedtime drink. For a stronger taste you can add fresh lemon, lavender or lemon balm.

3 to 4 leaves per cup in a tea infuser or steeper are commonly used to prepare an infusion. Break the leaves just enough to get into the teaball and enjoy!

Lemon verbena can also be utilized to garnish fruit cups and salads, and can be added as an ingredient in jellies and puddings. Used alone or in combination with other herbs, verbena leaves’ unique fragrance is also wonderful in colognes and sachets.
These verbena leaves are imported straight from France.